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Pallium India is a national registered charitable trust formed in 2003 with the following vision and mission:


An India in which palliative care is integrated in all health care so that every person has access to effective pain relief and quality palliative care along with disease–specific treatment and across the continuum of care.


To catalyze the development of effective pain relief and quality palliative care services and their integration in health care across India through delivery of services, education, building capacities, policy, research, advocacy and information.


Core Values

The patient is the most important consideration. Commitment to Pallium India will be secondary to commitment to the patient and family.

‘Care’ is the right of the patient and family and we stand committed to giving it to them. ‘Care’ is not a charity that we give them. By giving us the opportunity to care for them, they are enriching our lives.

–  Compassionate and competent care valuing human dignity is at the very heart of what we do and why we exist. We shall endeavour to do the right thing for the right reason as best as we can.

–  We recognise the strength of the social capital and shall engage in a partnership with the community enlisting the support of volunteers and other community entities, creating the capacity to meet community needs.

–  Each one of us shall treat everyone else with respect, remembering that every individual is superior to each one of us in some way.

–  We shall embrace the ethical principles of autonomy, beneficence, non-maleficence and justice, exercising them to the best interest of those we care for.

Palliative care involves improving quality of life of people with life-limiting or disabling diseases, by treating pain and other symptoms and by providing emotional, social and spiritual support. This is what we attempt to do in Pallium India’s flagship, Trivandrum Institute of Palliative Sciences (TIPS) in Trivandrum, Kerala. This includes rehabilitation of patients and families by helping them to earn a livelihood again and by ensuring that children in those families continue their education.

Elsewhere, Pallium India identifies committed individuals and institutions and support them to develop quality palliative care services.

Pallium India also works with Central and State Governments for:

–  integrating palliative care into the Health Care System

–  facilitating palliative care education and

–  improving access to essential and affordable medicines like morphine and other opioids

–  conducting need-based research, and

–  disseminating information.




Donate Pallium India Hippocratic Film
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