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Moonshine Agency is proud to have emerged as a specialist in impact film production.   We produce Academy-standard documentaries and factual programming for global audiences designed to shift consciousness and drive social change.

Through a combination of original and commissioned work, we produce a suite of multi-award winning, globally relevant factual projects.  We are selective about the work we take on to ensure that the projects we produce align with the values of our company and can be fully realised to the highest standard.

Moonshine’s factual and documentary projects go beyond a single-screen and embody multifaceted, interactive experiences which demonstrate that stories do shape our world.

We apply our extensive expertise to create comprehensive outreach and audience engagement strategies that reach each project’s target audiences through cinema release, television, social media, websites, blogs, apps, short films, DVD, VOD and elsewhere.

“When you bring a room of good people together, dim the lights and let an impact film roll, the results after the lights come up often take our breath away.”

Moonshine Team

Each member of our team has over 10 years industry experience and at least one tertiary degree in their field of specialisation.  Team Moonshine has been operating for over 15 years, servicing a wide range of clients, both large and small.  In fact, our team has led the independent production of hundreds of projects for film, television, the Internet, mobile platforms and print media since 2000.  Our work has activated millions of audience members around the world so far.

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